Economic Inequality

There are many dimensions to inequality e.g. social, racial and gender inequality. Here we present data and commentary on economic inequality, specifically income, earnings and wealth inequality. The side panel lists our data sources. And from the side panel you will also be able to download the data in Excel or Comma-separated (CSV) formats (the latter being simple text files which can be read into any text editor or spreadsheet.)

Income Inequality

What exactly does income inequality mean, and what has happened to income inequality in Britain in recent years? In these pages we describe the most common measures of income inequality and provide data for Great Britain and comparable countries with accompanying graphs and some commentary on the evolution of income inequality.

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Earnings Inequality

Employment is far and away the most important source of income, and therefore the distribution of earned incomes is key to understanding income inequality. In these pages we show how the gap between high and low earners has grown over time and also look at the gender pay gap.

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Wealth Inequality

The degree of inequality between rich and poor in their holdings of wealth is far greater than that in income. In these pages we show the scale of the wealth gap in Britain, explain how these data are derived and consider how wealth inequality has changed over time.

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